Preventing Diabetes Early

When a person’s blood sugar level exceeds 126 mg/dl (when fasting) or more than 200 mg/dl (when not fasting) then the person is considered to have diabetes. However, most people will experience symptoms of diabetes after their blood sugar levels exceed 270 mg/dl. To prevent diabetes early on you actually do quite a few simple steps below:

– Do not Forget the Breakfast

As mentioned before, one of the habits that can trigger diabetes is rarely breakfast. It is important for you not to underestimate the breakfast. Research shows that someone who frequents breakfast has lower blood sugar levels than those who rarely eat breakfast. Therefore, do not miss breakfast.

– Active Moves
Rarely do physical activity or lazy move will increase blood sugar levels. Conversely, actively moving will actually lower blood sugar levels while increasing insulin sensitivity. Never underestimate small activities such as walking. Research shows that a person walking on a daily basis will lower the risk of developing diabetes by 30%.

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