Formal English and Informal English, What are the Differences?

The use of English in everyday conversations is important to learn, but it is also important to learn the difference between Formal English and Informal English. Well to better understand a Formal English, it would be better if you take courses in place of reliable English lessons that you can find at

Regardless, Formal English is the official language that can be used in official occasions. Here’s what you need to know about Formal English!
1. Serious tone when used and we are very polite

2. Used when we work or give presentations
3. It is usually used when you are going to write an essay or a formal letter to apply for a job.

While Informal English is not a standard use when we talk to someone close to us or when we are at a party. Here what you need to know about Informal English!
1. A relaxed tone when in use
2. Abbreviations, idioms, hoses and verb phrases are used regularly
3. Used when we are at a party or when we use social media
4. More commonly used when we are talking