Tip Wear Mascara and Eyeliner

Do eyelashes grow back mascara and eyeliner so makeup tools required to beautify the eye. But, if one can apply to be “a disaster”. We recommend that you first learn how to use it like, use eyeliner before using mascara. Select the type of eyeliner will you use, liquid eyeliner or pencil. Make sure your seat position with elbows relaxed prop up the table as will wear. Draw a line on the eyelid line from the inner to the outer end of the eye (the other part of the hand while pulling the end of the eyelid so that the skin in the area to be given a more straight line eyeliner or without folds, so it’s easier when applying). To the top of the eye, you should use waterproof liquid eyeliner to make it easier to dry and do not fade quickly. Apply eyeliner repeated for the second time, starting from the center of the eye up to the outer edge of the eye. (To make the makeup cat eyes, pull the outer edge tapered upward).

To the bottom of the eyes, use eyeliner pencil by pulling the ends of the lower eyelid (when using the eyeliner pencil, open your mouth so that the eye muscles more supple, and wipe with a cotton tip eyeliner pencil to be more gentle when applied to the eye). Continue using white mascara in the direction of the base, apply to the movement from the inside to the outside lashes. Continue with black mascara, moving from bottom to top. Apply black mascara with repetitive with zig-zag manner (in-out and bottom-up), to give accent thicker lashes. Apply mascara after wearing eyeshadow and eyeliner. When you apply the eyeshadow and other eye makeup, especially textured powder, usually there will be some who fell to the lashes and mascara appearance annoyed you, especially when you use brightly colored eyeshadow.

Complete the first eye makeup and wear mascara as finishing touch. Never be afraid to experiment when using mascara and eyeliner, because of the shape and type of applying may vary. Most importantly, before you actually wear it to a party or event would you go, you should practice how to apply first.