Use This Way To Paint Moldy Walls

You may be annoyed if you see a wall that is doted and filled with mold that sticks. If this happens, you will immediately repaint the wall with a new paint. Things like this happen in the exterior of your house. For that, you may need to paint your house with proper and quality painting techniques.

The moldy walls are harder to repaint because they are dirty and hard to clean. But some of these ways you can try.

– Clean the dust on the wall first.
– Use white oil paint to cover the mold on the wall.
– If you already use the oil paint, then you can use the wall paint evenly to give the right color. Repeat several times until the color and surface of the paint evenly flawlessly.
– Let the paint dry and see what color you get and the fungus on the wall of your house will be perfectly closed.