Why people convert their super 8 videos?

The precious weddings, parties, and special occasions back from a few decades ago are often to be stored with the older video formats like the super 8 films. However, as the time goes by, this format starts to get left behind, and most of the shops and services to support the use of the super 8 are starting to disappear one by one. This is the first reason why people convert super 8 to digital.

Not only that, the fragile films can also be worrisome for most people, especially if they live in the area which has the extreme temperature and condition. Remember that the films can be pretty sensitive to the outside elements, and even if you don’t keep them in a conducive storage room, you can be certain that they will be damaged little by little, which eventually makes them cannot be watched again. So that’s why for the sake of the safety of their precious videos, many people have converted their super 8 videos or even movies into the more modern digital formats.