British English VS American English

As we know that there are 2 kinds of English Style, they are British English and American English. Therefore, if you talk to British and American foreigners, there is a very significant difference between British English and American English. By hearing at their dialogue, we can see the difference once they speak, the pronunciation used and the variations of grammar between them. Despite the English style were divided into two, it will be better if you are able to master both of them.

Therefore, britishlifeskills as a trusted English courses institution is able to help you to learn English well. And luckily, britishlifeskills is now opening registration for B1 cefr. For any further information, you can click on Regardless, to know more about the differences between them, we will explain it to you. The difference is the vocabulary. Generally, in schools, we use more British English. The examples of British English: Football, biscuit, shop. Meanwhile, the American English: Soccer, cookies, store.