Choosing a Wall Paint In Heat-Free Area

In areas that have a tropical or hot climate, it usually tends to be brighter and hotter, therefore, the wall of the house or wall and other interior parts should be more careful in the use of color. The most important is that the applied color should be able to cause a cooler and brighter look. But on the other side of the color is not to bring the feel of heat and glare. You can do a color consultation to an expert from us There are several methods to choose paint wall in areas that have a hot climate such as want to create a cool and cool impression, then it can be done by making the system of laying the home garden including the location used to put the plant. If done correctly then it can make the sun does not go directly into the room and translucent.

But if the room feels dark the use of lights is not the right choice, because the light can make the room feel hotter. To overcome this problem can be done by wearing a bright paint color like blue sea and green. Two types of color can cause a bright impression but not hot. When subjected to the reflection of sunlight it can produce more light and fresh nuances in all corners of the room.