That must be prepared to welcome retirement

The reasons for retirement, whatever it is, and the age at which they retire work have all been confirmed to affect mental health amongst pensioners. On the other hand, many experts suspect that poor mental health observed among retired groups may have emerged earlier than their retirement decisions, which in turn encouraged them to leave the professional world. Not all retirement groups will be flat on average undergoing a major life change in the same way. Reporting from USA Today, to better prepare mentally for retirement, Nancy Schlossberg, a retired professor of counseling psychology at the University of Maryland and author of Revitalizing Retirement: Reshaping Your Identity, Relationships, and Purpose and Retire Smart, Happy Retire You are to reflect on three key areas of your life, one of which is to prepare for your retirement with us at

Sometimes, the position or type of work is more attached to one’s identity. Their work is part of themselves. When you leave the world of work, you also submit one aspect of your identity. For example, you who usually introduce myself with “I’m a Director at Bank ABC,” after retirement you will need to concoct a new identity: “I am …” Some people may be OK by saying “I am retired.” Over time, they may start enjoying having more free time and find retirement as a pleasant change from the daily stress they experience in work. But others will be satisfied if they try to define post-retirement identities that will implement the foundation for their daily life and meaning for their lives.