All Humans Never Broken, But Do not Forget To Rising From The Slump

Never fails, does not mean broken. It’s just a transformation process from pain to peace of mind. In the wound is also not a determinant of breaking direction, just make a whip forward and move on. A vacuum will always exist in every human being, no escape from them. Either way, that’s the world. Make peace with the reality that exists, or continue to ignite the milestones of the unseen signs of the soul. That is all. Of course, there is a process to go to one goal that is always aimed and never perfect by the human. Maturity. One word in a million implications. Speaking of the heart, each must have prepared the definition. For those who engaged in the world of Information Technology, the heart can be likened to software that became the main component of the computer. The main enemy is the virus, once they meet, the software will be damaged. For those who come from the world of Foreign Language, the heart is their dictionary. For those who want to tell a story, there is angeli who will listen.

Any words that are still worried can be freely searched in the dictionary. The drawback is we have to patiently search for one by one keyword that we want to know its meaning. For game/game enthusiasts, the heart is gems or gems that are usually very valuable for important purposes in the game such as leveling up quickly, speed up the upgrade/renewal process. Difficult to get, and if there will surely be loved, or not infrequently also wasted. All come with their respective formations, their respective views. Another story when the heart is broken. Although can be fixed, the shape will not be the same again.