Your room affects your air conditioner greatly

Determining the size of the air conditioner that fits the room will be helpful. The size of the air conditioner must match the room to be air-conditioned. Do not let the AC capacity is too small so that the cold is not maximal, or vice versa if it is too big electric power, will be needed more and more. Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to visit if there’s anything wrong with your air conditioner.

In addition, putting air conditioning in a closed room can also be a good idea. Placing AC in a closed room is also one step to save electricity for AC. Because if placed in an open space or door that is often open will require working the machine long enough to be able to cool the room. So the machine cannot stand by and will continue to flame of course this will require more electric power.

Unless the room is in a public place, like an office, there are people coming and going. Of course, this is very unlikely if you want to save electricity on the AC.