These Two Markets You Can Visit When You Are In Saudi Arabia

If performing Umrah and pilgrimage performed in Saudi Arabia, one of the fun activities is to buy people closest to something unique from that State. In Saudi Arabia, it is not difficult to find the typical items and the right shopping place. But beforehand, you as a pilgrim should have to know with haj travel what you will do the worship. You can not go wrong in choosing the right Hajj travel. You can visit the website to get the convenience of the proper pilgrim travel.

Giving various goods that are typical of a State is a tradition many people when just got back from traveling abroad. In Saudi Arabia, you can provide the country’s special goods by shopping at these places.

1. The Madinah Dates Market
Here sold various types of dates that vary in price. The prices are given in this market range from 30 riyals to 90 riyals.

2. Pasar Chapter Mecca
This place is a favorite market because it sells quality goods at low prices. This market is usually open from every morning and close before the time of Zuhur.