Merchandise That You Should Buy When Traveling To Tangerang Selatan

Traveling to the area of South Tangerang is certainly very exciting to do. South Tangerang has various kinds of attractions that can spoil us. South Tangerang also has a variety of merchandise typical that we can buy for us to bring home for our offerings to family or friends at home. To know more about South Tangerang, then you can visit the website

Apart from that, here are some lists of merchandise that you should buy when you travel to South Tangerang!

1. Dodol
Dodol is also a culinary preparation that we can find in the area of South Tangerang. Dodol is a very legit and chewy culinary. The distinctive taste of dodol is sweet and savory.

2. Baduy Tribal Bags
Baduy Tribe Bag can also be found in Tangerang Selatan area. Handicraft handbags from inland tribes in the region of Banten is indeed a major prey for tourists who come to the South Tangerang region. Baduy Tribe Bag is indeed very ethnic which is the fruit of the culture of Baduy Tribe people we know with their hospitality with the natural environment that became their original residence in the forest.