Equipment You Need to Build a Home Recording Studio

Working through music may have become commonplace for us, such as songs that have been popularized by some singers. There are some of us who would want to make their own songs right? But it should require a studio that can support our own song creation.

Armed with empty space that has been given silencer and a recording device has not felt complete if there is no tool that can support the recording of our own songs. Then what is needed to create your own recording studio? Here are some of the equipment:

1. A Computer

The computer is the main tool for recording a song. A recording studio surely needs a computer. The computer will receive the sound or music we record and then the sound or music goes through the mixing and mastering stage by the recording software.

2. XLR cable

XLR cable is used to connect the microphone to the Audio Interface and also to the studio monitor. XLR cable is usually available when we buy a microphone but can also buy it separately.

3. Studio Monitor or Speaker

Speakers are used after the mixing and mastering process to listen to the end result of the song. The size of the speakers can depend on taste, can be small speakers or large speakers. You can see some of the best studio monitors or speakers on the list of Yazoo Records: the top 10 best studio speakers ever.

4. Audio Interface

Audio Interface is some tool used to connect a computer with a musical instrument to a computer. Audio Interface can be a cable connector, soundcard, amplifier and more.

5. A microphone

The microphone is also the main tool used for recording. All recording studios surely need a microphone for recording songs. Function The microphone is a tool or audio component used to record audio signals, either vocal, acoustic instruments, or whatever is the source of the sound.