These Some Contents in Seaweed That Good For Health

Seaweed is believed to have many benefits to the body, in fact, it has a lot of good content for the body and some types of diseases. To find out what the ingredients are in the seaweed, here will discuss it. Seaweed is now widely contained in medicines. This is very helpful to those who often consume seaweed, they no longer need to process seaweed into a variety of foods that are ready to eat. To get the seaweed medication, you can get it at . You can also read how important to consume seaweed for endurance and other things that concern the body.

1. Vitamin K

These nutrients can be fat soluble and useful for platelets. Platelets themselves are cells that function as blood clots when wounds occur. One serving of calcium-rich seaweed is more beneficial than the protein contained in broccoli and nuts.

2. Iron
Not all seaweed contains iron, only some of them contain iron in it. Iron can help the body in producing the energy that the body needs to undergo daily activities. Iron also plays a role in the formation of red blood cells. However, if iron deficiency can cause anemia, and shortness of breath.