Cleaning the Post-Flood Carpet

When a great flood comes, the house can be inundated with water and mud. As a result, the various furniture that is in it was also exposed to water, including our favorite carpet.

Request laundry service is a solution to clean the carpet that was hit by flooding. In addition to getting a clean result, you also can now easily get it at with a fairly affordable price as well. Regardless, if you want to clean it yourself, here are some tricks!

1. Clean the carpet from dirt and mud that sticks. This can be done by watering the front and back of the carpet with clean water.

2. Next dry the carpet in the sun directly. Do this until the surface of the carpet is completely dry.

3. Once dry, suction the dirt that may still stick to the surface of the carpet by using a vacuum cleaner. Then clean the carpet again with soap or detergent containing a disinfectant. This is important so that the germs in it can die. Use a brush to clean the carpet to make the surface completely clean.

4. Next, flush the carpet with hot water to remove the unpleasant odor caused by the flood. Then dry the carpet back in the sun directly. This is important because the sun has the ability to remove the dirt from the carpet.