Amazing Plastic Waste Recycling!

Recycling plastic waste is now a new alternative to reduce waste plastic pollution. The amount of plastic waste if left will be very harmful to the natural surroundings. Moreover, lately there is a lot of plastic waste floating in the ocean, therefore the community is currently trying to reduce the waste plastic. As explained in the article In addition, we also need to enrich the idea that this plastic waste can be recycled and produce good benefits. Here are some of the most amazing Plastic Waste Recycling!

1. Parking Canopy
What you can do from recycling plastic waste is to make a canopy for your home parking lot. You can collect Plastic Bottle and filled with colored water as that can be tailored to your taste.
Next is to hang it on a pole that is not too high. To make this plastic bottle canopy the most important thing to do is to stick each bottle to be sturdy. Way, you can use glue and string and plant it to the pole.

2. Light Hanger
The way is easy enough, you just collect some used plastic bottles of different sizes. Bottles of larger size can be used as a lamp hive. As an ornamental, you can add varies with other bottles.